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Creating An RV Park Laundry Room

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Many RV parks expect patrons to rely on nearby laundromats for their washing needs. However, this can be difficult for patrons since they will need a separate mode of transportation to do laundry. Creating an RV park laundry room is not only convenient for patrons but will make your park more appealing.


You may have a building you want to repurpose for laundry or create a new building. If you are going to repurpose space, you will need an evaluation by a plumber and electrician since laundry appliances may have unique needs that will not be met by traditional plumbing and electrical outlets. You may think about the obvious parts of the laundry room, such as space for washers and driers, but you need to consider creating spaces for other aspects, such as tables for people to fold their laundry and rolling laundry baskets. Other features to consider will be seating, payment, and dispensers for laundry detergent. The more you can meet the needs of your patrons, you will prevent them from spending money elsewhere.

Payment Systems

Convenience is key. An ideal approach is having machines that require the use of physical or virtual laundry cards. Laundry card machines can issue a physical laundry card or allow people to use a QR code. You will need to address how people with cash can wash their laundry. The machine that issues laundry cards should allow people to load cash onto their laundry cards, in addition to using credit or debit cards to load money. You will likely want to establish a minimum amount that can be loaded onto the card. Setting the prices of your laundry equipment will be a factor in retaining patrons at your laundry facility, especially if there is competition nearby. You can charge people $1 for 30 minutes worth of drying time, but some laundromats charge in smaller increments of time, such as five-minute intervals.


Choosing the right laundry equipment will require you to consider both space-saving and high-efficiency equipment. The most common approach to saving space is to install stackable washers and dryers. All-in-one washers and dryers are another option, but it is significantly more expensive. Having at least a few large-capacity washers available will be important not only for larger loads but also washing bedding for larger mattresses. Since top-load and front-load washers, each have their advantages and pitfalls, it is best to have some of each to meet the unique needs of patrons.

Whether you choose a gas or electric dryer might be your next hurdle. If your laundry room is currently being built, this would be the ideal time to install a gas line so you have the option for gas dryers. When remodeling an existing building that does not have gas lines, you may not want the extra expense to install a gas line. Generally, gas dryers are a better option in terms of efficiency. Gas is less expensive than electric and gas dryers dry clothes faster. The quality of your washing machines directly affects the efficiency of your dryers. Washing machines that do a good job of wringing out clothes mean drying time is significantly reduced.

The investment in creating an RV park laundry room is certainly worth the effort. Not only is it another source of revenue, but making life easier for patrons will make your park more appealing. 

For more info about RV park laundry room equipment, contact a local company.