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3 Reasons To Put Coin-Operated Machines In Your Laundromat

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One of the first decisions you have to make when you open a new laundromat is whether to use coin-operated or card-based machines. While some laundromat owners prefer to use card payments, others prefer to work on a cash system.

What are the advantages of installing coin-operated washers and dryers in your laundromat? 

1. Lower Costs

If you want to keep your initial investment costs low, then card-operated machines might not be the right choice. These machines include advanced technology systems. This technology increases the price of every machine.

Plus, you have to factor in maintenance costs. If a card reader fails or a delicate circuit board gets damaged, then your repair costs could be high. You can't typically fix these problems yourself.

Coin-operated machines are typically cheaper to rent or buy. Their traditional systems are less complex; repairs tend to be more straightforward and cheaper. If you're handy, you might even be able to repair a coin-operated machine yourself.

2. Higher Profits

If you use card-operated laundromat machines, then you won't make as much money from each payment. Your profits will go down because you'll probably have to pay card processing fees.

If you use coin-operated machines, then you make more money every time someone uses a machine. You don't have any payment processing costs.

3. More Customer Choice

If you use card-operated washers and dryers, then you could lose valuable customers. If someone doesn't have a card, then they can't use your laundromat.

Some people prefer to use cash, they don't like making card payments. Others might not be prepared to get a debit or credit card just to use your machines. They are more likely to use another laundromat if you don't have any cash options.

While many people do prefer to make card payments nowadays, those people are more likely to use other payment methods, such as cash, if they have to. Once they realize that you are cash-based, they can easily get money to use your machines.

Plus, you can make things easier for them by installing a change machine that takes cards. You'll need to put at least one of these machines in your laundromat anyway. If you use one that can dispense coins for card payments as well as give change for bills, then you make it easier for anyone to use your machines.

To get started, talk to laundromat equipment suppliers and ask about their coin-operated laundry solutions.