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2 Signs Your Moulding Blades Needs Replacing

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If you are currently constructing crown moulding for a home or business renovation project, you need to use precise tools to put the finishing decorative touches on the wood. However, you may have noticed that your results are not looking very decorative, making you wonder whether your blades are still good. If so, look for the following signs that your moulding blades need replacing.

1.  Surface of the Wood Is Excessively Rough

Normally, when you are shaping the surfaces of the wood for a crown moulding project, you expect that you will have to do some sanding to create a smooth finish. However, you should not have to do any intensive sanding, since the moulding tool operates at a high resolution as it cuts, leaving a fairly smooth surface that needs only a touch-up.

However, if the surface of the wood is excessively rough, leaving you to have to break out the higher grit sandpaper just to get rid of the excess, there is probably a problem with the blades. They may have become dull, or the cutting teeth may have been chipped or damaged. If this is the case, you will need to replace them.

2.  Blades Create Gouges in the Wood

Because the shape of moulding blades are contoured to fit into small places and create smooth, rounded edges, you normally do not have to worry about making accidental cuts or gouges in the wood. However, if you seem to be damaging the wood every time you attempt to cut into it and have not changed how you are holding the moulding tool, the problem is most likely with the blades.

While moulding blades are generally very sharp and tough, they do start to wear down after repeated use. As a result, some of the teeth may break off, creating an unbalanced cut while you are working. As a result, the blades may go deeper into the wood at the damaged point, causing deep gouges that cannot be sanded away easily without affecting the overall effect of the crown moulding.

If you notice either or both of the signs above while attempting to shape wood crowns for a renovation project, you should replace them, as your results will be adversely affected and cause you more work trying to repair the damage done by the dull, damaged blades. If you cannot find blades to fit your grinder, contact a supply company that offers custom-made moulding blades to discuss your options.

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