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There Are Different Kinds Of Water Meters

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Water meters measure how much water gets used by any home or business. The information that the water meter collects is how the water company is able to bill the person using the water. It used to be that the water company would send around a meter reader who would physically read the meter every month. That meter reader would mark down what the number on the meter is and then turn it in, and the bill would be figured on the difference between the last reading and the current reading. Many water meters these days are smart meters, which means that they send the information to the water company. There are several kinds of water meters out there that can all end up being smart meters. 

Displacement Meter

A displacement meter can also be called a positive displacement meter. These meters are generally found in pipes that would go to homes or small businesses. The way that these meters would is that they have a disk or piston in them. As the water flows through the meter, the piston or disk is moved. The more water that goes through the meter, the more that disk or piston moves. They generally have a magnet in them that gets moved when the disk or piston moved. That magnet is what causes the register to move so that the water usage gets measured. 

Multi-jet Meters

These meters are part of the category of velocity meters. The way that these meters work is that as the water goes through the jets, it sprays against an impeller. That spray causes the impeller to rotate. That rotation is what causes the register to move. These meters are generally only used in homes and small business. That's because the multi-jet meters don't have one easy way for the water to flow through without any kind of impediment. High water usage situations, like a factory or large business, would have a hard time with one of these meters because of the impeller being in the way. Also, the impeller would have problems with the high velocity that the large diameter pipes that are used in high water usage settings would use. 

Water meters make it possible for water usage to get measured at any business, home, or factory. There are different kinds of water meters out there and they each have places in which they will work best. Contact a company like Buy Wholesale Company for more information and assistance.