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Maskindelar Från Sverige, Med Kärlek (Machine Parts From Sweden, With Love)

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Swedish machine parts? Who would have thought that such a thing could be real? Yet, it should not be so surprising, since the Swedish people have crafted several of the machines Americans use every day. Americans do not even realize that these machines are Swedish.

Several snow-throwers and snowblowers for example are Swedish. Many major home appliances are Swedish too. The American public loves these machines, almost as much as the Swedes love producing and selling them here. So, how do you get more machine parts and more machines from Sweden? It goes something like this.

Get on the Phone and Call the Swedish Manufacturer Directly

Do not worry if you do not speak Swedish. There are English-speaking representatives on the phone lines who can take orders for whatever parts or machines you need. Just be sure you call the correct manufacturer, as it will not help you to talk to a snowblower manufacturer for parts to an industrial pneumatic transport system.

Also, be aware of companies such as Atlas Copco. Parts from this company are made for dozens of machines and applications, so you will need a part number and machine model number before you start your international conversation. This is information all of the Swedish manufacturers will need, but it is especially true of companies that produce more than just one kind of machine.

Check for the Partner Company in the U.S.

Some Swedish manufacturers have either partnered up with American manufacturers, or they have placed a satellite company here in the United States. If you can find a partner company or a satellite company, you can call them instead. Calling closer to home always helps you find the right parts, and it is a little less intimidating.

Talk to Distributors

There are Swedish machine parts distributors here in the U.S. too. It just depends on which company and what kinds of parts you need. Typically, if you bought your industrial or residential machines here, there is a parts distributor as well as a repair location available. It may be very close to you, or you may need to place a service call for parts and repairs. At least talking to a distributor will help you get somewhere if you are totally lost about where to go next. Additionally, you can always go back to the company or retail location, like atlas copco parts, where you bought your machines to see if they sell parts as well.