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How Can Lifting Magnets Save You Money?

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If you are looking for a more efficient lifting tool, then a magnetic lift is worth a look. These tools use magnets to carry ferromagnetic loads. In fact, these lifts could save you money. How does this work?

Magnetic Lifts Work Faster

While your current lifting tools might work fast once they have an attached load, you waste some time before and after the lift is loaded. For example, your workers have to prepare the load for lifting. They attach coupling that fits the lift's hook or winch and then secure the load. At the end of the job, they decouple the load and remove its attachments.

This work adds time to every load you lift. If you use lifts to move products to ship, then your order shipping speeds depend on how fast your crews can work.

If you use a magnetic lift, then your process speeds up. You don't have to work on the load before or after a lift.

These lifts use magnets to connect to a load. You simply position the load under the lift and turn on its magnet. The lift automatically picks up the load, carries it to its destination, and then drops it when you switch off the magnetic field.

You can move loads faster. The less time it takes to lift a load, the more loads you can make. So, your productivity increases. You also don't need a big crew to work on these lifts.

You don't have as many time costs per load. You can fulfill more orders in a shorter space of time with less manpower. You'll save money and make more money.

Magnetic Lifts Need Less Equipment

You might need to buy a lot of equipment to support loads on some lifting tools. For example, you might need slings, chains, hooks, and shackles. You might need a range of accessories to support different types of loads and different load weights.

Over time, you also need to replace accessories that have some damage or wear. You can't use faulty accessories on lifting jobs. They increase the chances that a load will fall off its equipment; they compromise the safety of people working on or around the lift.

So, you will have potentially high setup and replacement costs. If you use a magnetic lift, then you can reduce these costs and save some money. You won't have to buy lifting accessories here. Your lift attaches to a load without any attachments. Your equipment costs will be lower.

If you're interested in buying a magnetic lift, then talk to equipment suppliers. They can help you source the right lift for your jobs from reputable manufacturers. For more information on lifting equipment like Crosby lifting equipment, contact a professional near you.