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Common Industrial Applications Of PCD Tools

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Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tools have become extremely popular today. Most manufacturers prefer using them because they have high wear resistance and last longer. PCD tools also cut lead times, reduce costs, improve uptime, and boost machining capacity. Not to forget, using PCD tooling is one of the surest ways to make products with top-tier finishes. Besides, you can use these tools to machine ceramics, tungsten carbide, glass fiber, carbon fiber, graphite, laminate floors, copper alloys, and aluminum alloys, among many other materials. Some of the industries that benefit from PCD tooling are outlined below.

1.       Aerospace

The aerospace industry heavily relies on strong, lightweight, complex components machined with unerring accuracy, using top-notch tools. And when it comes to manufacturing quality aircraft parts with optimum durability and precision, PCD tools are one of the ideal solutions. These devices produce edge holes that are cleaner and dimensionally accurate. That, in turn, allows surfaces to have a smooth surface finish. Therefore, if you are in the aerospace industry, where slight flaws can lead to catastrophes, incorporating efficient and precise equipment like PCD diamond tools is highly advisable.

2.       Automotive

PCD cutting tools, otherwise known as PCD reamers, are used by experts in the automotive industry to cut graphite, aluminum, wood, plastic, and copper and brass materials. These are used to manufacture engine cylinder blocks, bumpers, body parts like hoods and doors, and other vehicle components. Most manufacturers opt for these tools because they are best-suited for obtaining optimum hardness and abrasive resistance. In addition, you can use PCD tooling to process auto spare parts with high efficiency and low deviation requirements.

3.       Stone processing

Stone cutting is a tough task, especially when using conventional tools like saws. That is why the stone processing industry experts prefer cutting with modern tools, one of the most popular being PCD tools. They also use PCD tooling to engrave characters or pictures on ceramic, granite, and marble materials. That means if you engrave inscriptions on items like tombstones, trying out these tools is an excellent idea. The same applies to businesses that process stones into specified shapes. Other diamond tools indispensable for stone processors include PCD saw blades designed to cut granite, marble, and other stone blocks quickly and easily.  

4.       Construction

PCD tools are vital to the construction industry. Experts in this sector use them for numerous purposes, including cutting down cement tiles and rock slabs installed in footpath pavements and similar places. Since such processes involve hard-core drilling and cutting jobs, using PCD tooling associated with extreme toughness and longevity helps constructors to accomplish them efficiently, without having to replace saws and drills too frequently.