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Considerations When Selecting Warehouse Racking System

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If you've been looking to increase the functionality of your warehouse, you'll need an efficient racking system. Ideally, the best system addresses your space, budget, safety, and flexibility needs.

The number of racking systems available can be confusing and overwhelming. Yet, your unique business requires a warehouse racking system that suits unique picking, storage, or offloading requirements. To make the most out of your warehouse racking, it's important to consult a professional warehouse racking specialist. They can guide you on the most befitting push-back, drive-in, and selective racking system for your business.

Here are some considerations when selecting a warehouse racking system.

Check Available Space

The space in your warehouse determines the type of racking you need. If you operate a facility that's not too big, you must look for ways to maximize your floor space. You must spend money on the type of warehouse racking that enables you to increase storage volumes at any one given time. An experienced warehouse manager can help you decide if you need drive-in or push-back racks. If you often store bulky items or products, they might suggest cantilever racking systems in order to increase efficiency and space economy inside your warehouse.

Assess Your Product Handling Needs

The products you store require handling. Indeed, your warehouse comes with specific handling requirements. For instance, if you have racks high up, you should consider using a forklift. If you must use a lifting truck, it's advisable to have a well-configured system with adequate aisle space. You must ensure that the warehouse racking set-up is safe and efficient. You should also ensure that your operations are safe for your workers and inventory.

Are You Buying New or Used?

If you're operating on a budget, you can still purchase used warehouse racking systems. If you're handling specific products for a short duration, you can purchase a refurbished racking system and achieve your profitability goals. It's essential to consult a reliable provider who can help you purchase used racking systems and mount them professionally. An experienced supplier adheres to safety and building codes when installing such systems in your warehouse.

Consider Warehouse Safety

Regardless of your operations or the type of products you handle daily, safety has to be your top concern. The warehouse racking system you purchase must guarantee structural integrity as soon as it's installed. You should consider safety add-ons that ensure safe operations. Additionally, you must consider regular racking inspection to eliminate the risk of injury, inventory loss, and inefficiency. If you handle sensitive or flammable products, ensure your warehouse racking system comes with the right fire rating.