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Investing in an Automatic Card Shuffling and Sorting Machine

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Serious blackjack and poker players may be observant as cards are being dealt and could feel apprehensive about receiving a hand that does not appear to have come from a deck of cards that was shuffled properly. If you own a casino tour boat and are going to be offering many card games for your patrons to utilize while aboard the watercraft, invest in some shuffling equipment that will automatically shuffle and sort cards.

Shuffling and Sorting

Card shuffling machines often contain a touchscreen, a sleek cover, and button activation components. When a deck of cards is placed into the chamber that is underneath the cover, they will be distributed to a row of slots that are vertically arranged along the interior wall of the device.

The cards are distributed randomly and automatically collected soon afterward. With this shuffling process, cards will be efficiently mixed together, ensuring that each round of gameplay will be fair. This type of machine can also be used to sort cards by suit and will notify the operator about any cards that are missing from a particular deck.

Because it can be time consuming to visually inspect each deck that your casino employees are going to use during casino games, using an automatic card shuffling and sorting machine can help with these duties and reduce the amount of time that it takes to prepare each hand of cards.

Installation and Operation

An electronic card shuffler is designed to be installed in a card table. The mechanical components will be out of view and the top plate, which contains the touchscreen and buttons, will lay flush with the surface of a table. To operate a card shuffler and sorter, playing cards should be stacked neatly.

Cards need to secured inside the chamber that rests underneath the unit's cover. Once the cards are resting within the frame that is designed to hold them, the top cover needs to pressed downward. The person who is operating the equipment can choose whether the cards will be shuffled or sorted.

Each application can be completed within seconds. If a dealer would like to set some time limits to one or more of the card games that patrons will be participating in, a timer button that is included on a shuffler's faceplate can be activated. The timer feature will ensure that each player completes their turn within the time that is allotted. 

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