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Key Reasons To Include Hand Trucks In Your Company's Dock Equipment

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Moving freight is a critical part of your business's operations. You need to be able to load and unload freight to meet important deadlines and turn a profit. Using hand trucks as part of your dock equipment can offer several key benefits to the function and pace of your warehouse.

Reducing Injuries

Using this equipment can greatly reduce the number of injuries that you and your workers suffer while working freight. Lifting freight on and off trucks and pallets strains your muscles. The repeated movements involved with it can lead to serious and painful injuries like sprains, fractures and dislocations.

Rather than put your body at such risk, you can use a hand truck to load and move freight. This dock equipment spares you from having to lift heavy boxes and crates. You give your muscles a respite and minimize the chances of you or someone who works for you suffering a significant injury to your limbs, back or abdomen.


Hand trucks are capable of holding and moving hundreds of pounds. You can load several heavy boxes on them and move freight without the worry that they will break, bend or otherwise not work because of too much weight. 

Their weight capacity also lets you unload and load freight faster. You can move several boxes each load instead of having to move one at a time, which can result in the job taking longer.

Efficient Staffing

Having this dock equipment on hand lets you efficiently staff your warehouse. Because they can handle moving several containers of freight a time, they spare you from having to hire and have more employees than necessary on the clock. You can cut your staffing significantly and spare your company manpower costs. You need fewer employees to unload trucks, stack pallets and move freight during each shift.

Easy to Use

A hand truck is easy to use and does not require intricate and time consuming training. Your employees do not need to be licensed or certified as they would for using a forklift or cherry picker. They also are simple enough for novice warehouse workers to use.

These benefits are some to anticipate when you add hand trucks to the dock equipment used in your warehouse. They allow you to move freight quickly and easily. They also spare you from serious injuries and let you cut back on the number of employees for each shift. For more information, visit