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How To Convert Your Heavy Duty Passenger Truck Bed To A Utility Body

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Did you know that you could convert your heavy-duty passenger truck bed to a utility truck body? There are certainly a large number of benefits to making this conversion, including the numerous cabinets you could use to store tools and equipment on your truck. The conversion is not difficult, but it does require a professional welder and some time. Here is how this conversion goes.

1. Buy the Utility Body Components You Want on Your Truck 

Truck utility bodies are actually components that truck manufacturers install on ready-made trucks. The components may be removed and/or replaced at any time. That is why you can buy the utility body components separately from the truck you already own and install them on your truck however you like.

2. Hire a Welder -- You Are Definitely Going to Need One

You will need the welder to help remove the sides of your truck bed. Then you will need the welder to help you attach the utility truck components. There may be some bolts and nuts that you can remove to help move this process along, but anything that is not removable from your truck will have to be cut away via a welder's torch. Likewise, the utility boxes may need to be secured via stud welding, which will make the utility boxes/components very secure indeed.

3. Help Where You Can

The welder you hire is going to need you to lift things, hold things up and in place while welding or cutting, and he/she will need you to set up this project as well. Before the welder arrives on the appointed "project day," place the utility truck bed components on the ground behind the truck in the exact way you want the components installed on the truck. As the welder and you remove the sides of your truck bed, you can place these on the ground alongside the components you are going to install on that side. Essentially, if there is any way to make this project go smoother, do that.

Now You Have a Utility Truck Bed!

Now that you have a utility truck bed, you can do what you like with the truck. That includes freelancing as a construction worker to keeping food and beverages cold in one of the compartments of the utility bed, via a bag of ice. All of that extra organization and storage on your truck is great for tools, too.