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Four Kinds Of Borescope Services And The Importance Of Each

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Borescopes are designed to be flexible and they get into small, tight spaces with ease. There are different kinds of borescope services too, each with their own significance and importance. Depending on what you need at the time, one or more of the following services for or with borescopes may be right for you.

Borescope Rental

At times, when you already own and use a borescope at work, and the borescope does not work because it is broken, you can rent a borescope. Short of spending thousands of dollars to buy a second or backup borescope, renting one is a good temporary solution. Renting one is quite cheap, and it helps you finish the work at hand. Even if you have to rent it for more than a day, it is worth it.

Borescope Repair

Borescope repair, obviously, is needed to fix your broken or malfunctioning borescope. You can have the repair technician come to you, take the borescope to the repair technician, or send the busted borescope through the shipping companies to an out-of-state repair company. As for sending it out-of-state, you may need to pay a repair deposit in advance that may be refunded in whole or in part if work cannot be completed or the borescope is repaired for less than you or the repair company thought it would cost.

Borescope Inspection- Freelance

If you work for an aviation company, there is a good chance that at some point you will need some help from a fully trained borescope inspector. As you are not such an inspector, and as such an inspector does not work for your smaller aviation company, you would need to hire a freelance inspector for the job. The freelance inspector would come to your company's aircraft repair hangar at a previously scheduled date and time, use his/her personal borescope to inspect the plane(s), and then inform and/or show you what is wrong with the parts and sections inspected.

Borescope Inspection- Inspecting the Instrument for Malfunction

Finally, inspecting a borescope for malfunctions is another borescope service. If you suspect that your borescope is not working quite right, or that there is something amiss with its parts, this type of borescope inspector examines the scopes themselves. It is different than a borescope repair technician, as this borescope inspector can only tell you what is wrong with the scope and cannot or does not actually fix it.