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Buy An Old Building With A Missing Boiler? What To Do To Save

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If you have purchased a large commercial property that is decades old, and the previous business owners removed the boiler system, you don't have to invest in updating the entire heating system just yet. If you know that in the future you do want to change from a boiler to a commercial furnace and heater, but right now it's not in your budget and you don't want to spend the money, then you want to do the following and try to make things work.

Have the Ducts Inspected

You need to have the ducts inspected by the commercial HVAC professionals. This is to ensure there aren't pests like insects or rodents living in the vents, and to check for damages, cracks and blockages. It may be worth the investment to seal the ducts, to make sure that the air is distributed properly throughout the building, and to prevent air loss and heating costs.

Get a Used Boiler

Ask the heating and cooling professionals if they can find you a used boiler system to heat your commercial space. This way you don't have to invest in a brand new boiler unit, or an entire updated furnace system, but you can still get the heat that you need. The HVAC company can install the boiler, and you can use that until you are ready to make an alternative decision.

Check Insulation and Windows and Doors

Once the used boiler is in place and circulating heat around the commercial property, you want to be sure that you aren't losing air through the exterior walls, or through the windows and doors. Go around and caulk the windows, and around the doors, and consider having new insulation sprayed throughout the exterior walls. New insulation can also help to protect against impact, moisture and pests.

There are a lot of different reasons why you want to put in a used affordable boiler, and how it may be the best investment at the time you are ready to move into the property. Talk with the HVAC contractors on finding a unit that they think will last for a few years or longer, until you are able to comfortably spend the money on a new updated system. This is an efficient way to get heat for the building, without having to go overboard on updating appliances and other new business expenses. Get quotes and start searching for the boiler you need.