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Steel Siding Questions Answered

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Structural steel can be used in an assortment of useful ways. However, it is common for individuals to be uninformed when it comes to the various ways that structural steel can be utilized. In particular, individuals will often overlook that this material can be an excellent choice for siding.

Is Steel Siding Only Suitable For All Steel Buildings?

A common assumption about steel siding is that it will only be able to be used in a building that is made of all metal. As a result, homeowners may be more likely to overlook the use of this option as their homes may lack steel frames. Fortunately, steel siding can be suitable for almost any type of building as it can be attached to the exterior wood siding that may protect the outer wall.

What Are The Benefits Of Opting For Steel Siding?

While steel siding will be more expensive than choosing vinyl or fiber-cement, the benefits that it provides may far outweigh the higher purchase price. One of the main ways that this type of siding can be superior is that it is far more durable. This will include being extremely dent resistant, and this can make it a particularly effective option for those that live near golf courses.

Will A Building Require Any Modifications To Support Steel Siding?

A key factor about steel siding is that it will be much heavier than vinyl or other options. This can present some problems for older homes as their exteriors may not be strong enough to account for this weight. Luckily, an experienced contractor will be able to install the siding with adding strategically placed supports to more evenly distribute the weight of the siding. Prior to buying siding for your home, you should have its exterior inspected to determine whether it will be strong enough to support the weight of the siding.

Is Steel Siding Aesthetically Pleasing?

Homeowners may be leery of considering steel siding due to fears of the exterior of their homes appearing to be a dull grey color. Fortunately, it is possible to opt for colored steel siding so that you can still enjoy a home that has a traditional look while enjoying the enhanced durability of steel siding. The paint that will be used on the siding will be a vinyl-based paint, and this can help it to last for many years before it needs to be repainted. You can help to increase the longevity of these colors by having the exterior of the house cleaned each year.

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