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3 Tips For Renting Generators

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If you need a power source for an event, construction project or any other measure, a generator is right up your alley. A lot of companies sell generators, but if you need one on a short term basis, it might make more sense for you to get a generator rental instead. Any time that you want to learn a little bit more about renting a generator, follow the tips in this piece and begin contacting companies that provide generator rental service:

Get referrals on a generator rental company

If you are thinking about getting a generator rental, start by finding referrals so you know which companies are available. You can ask around your industry or consult some contractors databases in order to get leads on generator rental companies. Renting out a generator system can be very helpful to you for a lot of specific reasons. For example, these generators come in a lot of different sizes, so professionals will have plenty of varieties in stock for you to choose. By getting referrals first, you will get a head start and can weed out companies that have outdated generators or bad customer service practices.

Shop around to get generator rental prices

On top of checking company credentials, you need to ask for price estimates on generator rentals. This price will depend on how long you need the generator and which size and model you decide to spring for. Depending on your generator rental agreement, you might pay between $200 and $4000. Make sure to get access to a generator that will power the tools or building that you need it for. Consult with the companies to see which type of generator you need and always read through the rental agreement to be sure that you understand what all it entails.

Take care of the generator rental

When renting a generator, it is critical that you care for it. Only allow people who understand how to add fuel, start the generator up and operate it to do so, and keep everyone else away from touching it. Depending on how long you have the generator, you may need to change the plugs or have the generator rental company do it for you. Read the contract to know how often the company will provide routine maintenance for the generator as well.

Start by using the tips in this article so you can get the generator rental that you need. Contact a company like Northwest Power Services Inc. for more information and assistance.