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Three Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch To Carbon Steel To Manufacture Industrial Equipment And Supplies

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If you currently own, operate or supervise a manufacturing plant that produces industrial equipment and supplies, you probably use several different metal alloys to produce your products. However, carbon steel is one metal that all too frequently gets passed over because people assume that carbon is too soft a metal to strengthen steel. On the contrary, carbon can make steel very strong, depending on the amount of carbon present in the steel alloy. Here are three reasons why you should make the switch to carbon steel to manufacture some of your industrial equipment and supplies.

Higher Carbon Content Makes Very Hard and Durable Products

If your plant is producing equipment or tools that need to be as strong and as durable as possible, then using carbon steel can help. Carbon steel with a higher content of carbon is very strong indeed, and when the steel with the high carbon content undergoes a heat treatment, almost nothing can break this equipment or the tools made with this type of steel. That means your customers are getting a higher quality product that will last a long time.

Lower Carbon Content in the Steel Makes It Very Malleable

When your plant uses a carbon steel alloy with a lower carbon content, you can make it mold and fit to any shape your customers need. This means that making custom tools and equipment requested by your customers just got easier. The lower melting point and increased malleability allows your employees to pour, twist and shape the low content carbon steel to any form requested or ordered.

The Carbon Content of the Steel Can Be Manipulated in-House

If you purchase several metric tons of carbon steel that has a low carbon content, you can purchase more pure carbon to add to the steel and make your own alloy in-house. (There is a bit of a learning curve in mixing just enough carbon to get a steel alloy with specific properties, but if your metallurgists already have some experience creating and smelting  other metals, this should not be too difficult for them.) Every time you need a batch of carbon steel your plant can make it right there in the plant, and then you can save the company lots of money because you are not buying ready-made carbon steel. Additionally, you can use the steel alloy creation process to recycle failed attempts at making carbon steel to a specific recipe.

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